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Its is cool but it is annoying cause it doesnt have autocorrect. JUST DONT GET IT!


Waste of money. Does not work on iphone 6S on any program. Do NOT get this app !!


I wish I read review first. You can read anyones info that they write.

Key board

love this app

Needs more time to be developed properly

Positive: It works with most apps, and has great colour schemes. Negative: The keyboard does not support autocorrect. That was a deal breaker for me. Its horrible not having autocorrect on a keyboard!! Whenever I switch keyboards, all my typing in the text box at the time gets deleted. So when I was typing this review, I accidentally switched keyboards and my whole review got deleted. Same thing happens with every app I have tried so far. So if you want to add smileys at the middle or end of your text, well, you cant with this keyboard. All your content will get deleted. Final thoughts: Not worth it. Unless they update to fix the bugs, and add in support for autocorrect I would not suggest purchasing this app. Glad it was only a dollar because I will not be using this app at all.

Not worth it

When i just froze my screen. I had to restart. (I have iphone 6)


i like this app it is really cool how ypu can change your keyborad anf the color to

cute but...

autocorrect doesnt work when you use this keyboard, which is a pretty big downside

Does not function properly

Capitalization is hit & miss, with no indication on keys. "Full access" must be granted to function. A real problem if concerned about password security or online banking

We need Arabic key board!!!!

Please but it in feature!


I love this app its got pretty colors pretty frame in around the letter tiles I absolutely love everything about it. But my only complaint is that I dont like is that when you switch over to the globe keyboard it doesnt give you your microphone to use it at any point. So maybe they can make an update to where you can use your microphone and either keyboard. So thats why I gave it only three stars.I feel everything should be functional in your keyboard.


I really like this app probably the best 99 cents I have ever spent, but its a bit slow with typing and it should really have auto correct, other than that its pretty awesome

Good BUT

Good but needs predictive text. and when leaving reviews on apps in the App Store I have to switch over to my main keyboard.

Cool app, but...

Aside from losing the microphone you also lose the predictive text too! If those two things can be fixed Id rate this app with 5 stars!

IP theft

Apple warns that this app must have full permissions to work... Which includes sensitive information like credit card info, and anything past or present that is typed into the keyboard. Please learn from me and Dont BUY!!!

Dont waste money

It works and looks VERY cool but it takes away autocorrect and it lags(goes very slow)

Colorful but buggy!!!!

The variety of the backgrounds is amazing but its really funny that App store doesnt support it when you want to leave a comment! Plus, it takes forever to switch to emojis keyboard!

Glow keyboard rip off

Dont waste your money. Its says they can take or use whatever you type in your keyboard, including account numbers!

Wow. Im really mad

I dont know if there is some way but it only allows me to have one keyboard. Just spent money on it. Tell me if there is another way please. But screw this app


I think that this is a great idea for an app

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